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Then followed The Nuptial Flight (Garzanti, Milan, 1992), where he took a closer look at pre-adolescent and adolescent crushes on film stars, and then at the general feminine tendency to seek out superior love objects.His sociology books includes Genesi (1989), which illustrates his theories about the fundamental experience of the nascent state, the difference between the nascent state and Nirvana, the concept of democracy, and what he terms "Cultural Civilizations".In 1998 married Rosa Giannetta, the former mistress of the Italian architect Roberto Guiducci.His academic career includes the following positions: Alberoni has carried out numerous studies on Sociology of Movements and Individuals, and especially on the nature of Love and relationships among individuals and groups.Alberoni's books have had a great success both in Italy and abroad, having been translated not only in countries like Japan, Spain, France, Denmark, Brazil, Sweden and many others such as Turkey and Israel.His books composed of newspaper articles have been pointed out by some critics as lacking scientific analysis, allegedly reducing to platitudinous advice about today's life and love matters.

This book, which was rigorously scientific and at the same time innovative in its linguistic slant, turned into an international best-seller translated into twenty languages.Collections of brief essays on the subject of collective movements, a number of which were included in The Sources of Dreams (Rizzoli, Milan, 2000), were later published under the more appropriate title of My Theories and My Life.His essays from Corriere della Sera are usually in collected into book editions by Rizzoli.The most recent books are considered by critics innovative and notable both for originality of the content as well as writing style.Specifically "Mystery of falling in love" in the second part of the treatise offers an original critique to the most important theories of falling in love, especially with reference to the French social school.

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