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The Irish Songwriter on His New Album, Touring, and the Artistic Process How does an artist evaluate their art?

How does, or should, an artist evaluate their legacy?

She was very young, but she came up to my room one day when I was singing one of my songs, and said, ”That song you’re singing, did that really happen to you?

” And I said, ”Well, yeah, kind of.” And she said, ”Did it, or didn’t it?

Today, the guitarist is more likely to be busking with Bono and inadvertently shutting down city blocks than he is fading into the grey architecture of Irish streets, cavity-ridden Takamine in hand, as distracted commuters pass by.

There’s a lot of love around Glen Hansard right now.

John came to me with this idea and he had a 20-page script and Cillian Murphy [Red Eye, Batman Begins] as the lead character.

As he’s so reclusive, I assume you haven’t got to meet him. And he totally opened up and started talking about Woody.To be honest with you, I felt that even back then this girl had become so prominent in my life that she would probably be the girl I’d marry one day.” You’d known Mar for a while, hadn’t you? Then he invited me to stay in his house for three months and write songs.Mar came into my life very similarly to how she does in the film.You can name the bass player on Neil Young’s , but you can’t tell me the square root of 9.You’re obviously using your intelligence in an area that’s not academic.” He was quite smart.

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And he and costar Markéta Irglová, who plays the Eastern European girl who comes into his universe and changes it, have found that real life and the make-believe world of film can sometimes collide: After knowing each other for seven years, and despite the fact that Hansard is 37 and Irglová is 19, the two have fallen for each other and now live (and play music) together in Dublin.