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And that little scene where Michael strips himself and starts screaming at her in the restaurant because she dare voice worries about the job he loves that doesn’t pay so well?

Uhm, not a foot to stand on my friend – you are taking her career from her. I’m rating this 6/10 because I’m petty and angry about the ending.

Kimmy Wallace (Cameron Diaz) is Julianne’s nemesis in here purely because she dared to date a clearly single and unattached man.

Right now it is still pretty much only addressing entertainment, but I hope to add some more life things into it soon too.

She clearly states that she would love to start her career.

The power of this movie could have been much more if Julianne Porter spoke up and advised the girl that you could both have a career and still be a functioning female with a successful marriage?

The film also stars a really young and hunky Dermot Mulroney (SURPRISE) and an equally young and fresh faced Cameron Diaz.

I am so onboard watching her films, any of her work really, but especially anything done that time period.

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Seriously – Kimmy was so perfect it hurt teeth to look at her, but she was a good person who loved her fiancé.