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” one says.“If you want to be a good wife, you have to play by certain rules,” another says.“You have to be his No. Barbie Blank is also a fiancée, to the incredibly moody-seeming Sheldon Souray, a player with the Anaheim Ducks ice hockey team.

1 fan and never let yourself go,” we are told—sternly. Barbie wants to make clear she is a star in her own right: She was a character called Kelly Kelly on the WWE and has 700,000 Twitter followers.“Kelly Kelly is still a big name,” she says. Me being a star in my own world means we complement each other really well.”The viewer may be heartened, momentarily, by Barbie's insistence on financial independence and career ambition.

By the end of the first episode of WAGs, you may want to lap up more bitching, shopping, and vagina refreshening—or you may want to howl into the void.

For me, it was the latter—just eight minutes into E! There is something so brutally cheap about how these women are selling themselves: like feminism never happened, like self-respect regardless of gender never happened. , obsessed by its usual mental diarrhea-producing diet of bling, hair, nails, mansions, and celebrity, goes right along with it, selling this image of self-elected, money-obsessed female subjugation as desirable and fun.

Grunting at them, ordering them around, these men—perhaps realizing what a debasing shit-show they have gotten into—act like they want to be anywhere but on camera. They are driven by money, power, fame—they want a taste of it. It’s like a war zone.”First into the fray comes stylist Ashley North, fiancée of Dashon Goldson of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers football team. Autumn Pierce Ajirotutu, wife of fellow San Diego Chargers player Seyi Ajirotutu, complains their sex life has dwindled to “every other day” since she had their twins—which, as the other women laugh out loud, still seems pretty good.

Barbie and Ken Introductions understands this and we embrace our clients when they are openly expressing their disenchantment with websites and social networks often lack of privacy and anonymity features.(Let’s not forget this was a British phrase first, for wives and girlfriends of professional footballers.) I remember those WAGs of the ’90s.They were accessories, but Beckham was never acquiescent with her own accessory status, despite the insistence of the media to the contrary in the early days.The women live to support their husbands or boyfriends at their weekly games, where they dress up and other girls come to prey on their menfolk. Sasha talks about both she and Antonio growing up poor and feeling very blessed to give their children a different kind of upbringing.It sounds hideous and absurd, especially as the men in the first two episodes of this rank and awful show offer their partners little in the way of respect or care. But then Sasha also emphasizes the wives being “up here” and the non-wives being “down there.” She seems as infected with the crazy snobbery and panic as everyone else.

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