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Manning sc dating

(Scott's in Hemingway, for example) And thank you SO much for that pronunciation tip.

Never in a million years would I have known it was kah-net-a!!!

Would not like any complicated city driving, unless there is a great hotel at the end of it!

The second day of driving will likely follow a route east of I-95 in order to take in one or two of the legendary Eastern NC BBQ outposts (Right now I am looking at Bunn's BBq in Windsor, NC, and Wilbur's in Goldsboro; we can do one for late breakfast and the second for lunch).

There's an historic inn not far away from there called Abingdon. If it were me I'd just stay in the traffic flow and beat the street to Beaufort.

I only wish I had a week to meander all around the area, sampling bbq! I used to stop there on my way back and forth as well. I heard some people from Texas bought it, but I don't know if that means all the pecans come from Texas or what. We lived there for 25 years before retiring to the Charleston area a couple of years ago (we were professors at the University located there).

But I can get some on the way home, and maybe we can even meet somewhere!! But I don't think you can go wrong with either one. I used to come through there on my way from Charleston to Greensboro. For the past 5-10 years the Florence downtown area has been undergoing a major cultural revitalization.

That outlet is fine, but I think it's still pricey.

Can't help you with where to stay in E City-haven't been here in years. That Norfolk/Chesapeak area can be trafficy too, so you might want to stop before you get to NC. Sounds like you won't have time to get far off that nasty 95.

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Hoping someone will come up with an interesting place to stay around Norfolk/E. Wilber's is THE BBQ place of NC==been there since the 20's when it was in competition with the other BBQ spot in Goldsboro, Scott's, which is black owned, but everyone ate there long before desegregation. Wilbur's gets lots of love on Chowhound and it's not far off the road. There’s a spectacular new library, new little theatre, new performing arts center and currently under construction a new art and history museum—all huge, beautiful buildings constructed in such a way as to create a downtown cultural corridor.

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