Live granny camera free

Posted by / 13-Dec-2017 13:01

You can then access the live video footage from the Cloud using WIFI on any mobile device or PC.

I want pan & tilt, a wide angle lens, live video feeds, free cloud storage, sound and motion sensors, remote access and I want a battery backup if possible (so it still works if the power goes out).So it is best if you check the nanny cam laws in your state, so you know what is and isn’t legal.It’s also best to check these laws before you spend money on expensive hidden cams, such as those hidden in teddy bears for example, as these tend to be more expensive than the more overt home surveillance cameras that are available.You can however, turn off the audio recordings on many of the nanny cams, but there are a few where you cannot switch it off.One way to avoid breaching any laws is to simply let the carer know that you have installed nanny cameras with audio functionality in your home, obtain their consent and then you are good to go.

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Most of us don’t know anything about nanny cams or wireless surveillance systems, so the whole topic can seem overwhelming at first.

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