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As she’s under 18 it still remains that any sexualised picture of her, even if she took it herself, is classed as an indecent image of a child.Worse still, if these pictures are only brought to police attention after your son turns 18, then the courts will treat him as an adult, even though he was a child when the offence took place.What one official might accept was youthful exuberance, another might just as easily conclude warrants a court case.In any case, this family faces months of anxiety and uncertainty as the whole thing plays out.In fact, I’m dealing with such a case at the moment: a boy who asked his girlfriend to send him a topless picture at the end of last year when they were both 17.She obliged, and by the time her furious parents stumbled across his message and the image she sent him, then raised it with the school they both attend, he had turned 18.The legal system is now dealing with him as an adult even though this all played out when they were both still technically children.Meanwhile, his parents have suffered the indignity of officers turning up, unannounced, at their home with warrants to seize their son’s laptop and phone.

His offence was to prank a classmate by messaging him on social media, daring him to take and send images of his private parts.

Understandably, parents come to me reeling following their child’s arrest, or when they realise that’s a possibility.

They’re desperate to avoid their well-brought-up son or daughter’s reputation and future prospects being destroyed over a silly, immature mistake.

Meanwhile, girls and much younger children are considered just as culpable in the eyes of the law.

If your 15-year-old daughter asks her 16-year-old boyfriend to send her an explicit sexual picture of himself then she is inciting a child to engage in sexual activity, which comes under the Sexual Offences Act and could see her arrested.

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At least once a week, I take a frantic call from a parent whose teenage son or daughter faces a police investigation, having done something foolish that could see them convicted as a sex offender.

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