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Free sex chat no email requied

You no longer need photos we found out after having photos taken.

As Steve below states most of your info above is out of date.

I think coming from the UK where even if you disagree with the requirement it is basically the same for everybody anywhere in the UK.

Here it changes in the same office almost on a day by day basis, l think we are now getting to know that most official contact is never going to be easy and will always require at least a second visit.

My wife and l have just got our Residencia and once we had the correct requirements it could not have been simpler.

The paper Residencia you now get, the size of credit card was printed and given to us there and then. Hiya, I heard the new laws with regards to applying for registration certificates for eu citizens..

Kim, you were very lucky then as we were definitely asked to show proof of health cover as we were not retired, the S1 form from Newcastle was the proof.

I am retired and live on my pension and my social security. hi , please can someone help me out .i have spanish residence for five years now but have not seen job yet but i have upto five thousand euro remaining in my account, can they give me the 10 yr long term residency since i have money to sustain my self?

On Friday we went to Jan to obtain residencias for my 2 children, we hadnt thought to do this last year when my husband and I applied.

I took the original birth certificates and a translated copy but was told this must be legalised in Madrid.

As with applying for your NIE, this is a proceedure that your Gestor or Lawyer can generally assist you with.

Please click here if you wish to Apply for Residential status as a Non - EU Citizen .

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Im british and looking to move to spain as self employed autonomo, I will be working from home...

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