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Today, many critics of the Bible attack the Bible by pointing out the differences between the Catholic and Protestant Bibles, specifically the books in the Old Testament. There are several strong arguments, which clearly show the Old Testament Canon was closed before the New Testament period, as dealt with previously. Jewish tradition also taught in the Babylonian Talmud, the books in the Hebrew Canon are the identical 39 books, which are in both the Protestant and Catholic Bibles, to the exclusion of the Apocrypha. The debate regarding the canon stems back to the early church and the Greek translation of the Old Testament known as the Septuagint.Questions often brought up are, The history regarding this issue of additional books in the Old Testament is really an issue of canon. As applied to scripture the question, was the Old Testament canon, open or closed after Malachi (425 B. We will just review some of the main arguments here, 2. D), the Jewish historian also affirmed in his arguments in Contra Apion 1:7-8 the number of books in the Hebrew canon was numbered at 22, which according to Jewish numbering is the same as the 39 in the Protestant Old Testament. To understand this debate regarding the apocrypha, we first need to understand the history of the Septuagint.The primary language of the Jews in Alexandria was Greek; Hebrew became more archaic over time, in Egypt.Spoken and written Hebrew remained strong in the lands of Judea/Palestine, as opposed to Alexandria.

The letter known as the Letter of Aristeas describes how Ptolemy II requested translators and Eleazar sent 72 scribes, who translated the Septuagint in 72-days.A third grouping of books, are those which claim to be written by biblical authors but are false (Pseudo) writings. Regarding their contents, he makes the following remarks.They express religious fancy and magic, being written between the period of 200 B. Most of these books are comprised of dreams, visions, and revelations in the apocalyptic style of Ezekiel, Daniel and Zechariah.C.), which established an independent Jewish Kingdom for about 100-years.During this time, the Jewish Greek-speaking population of Alexandria Egypt continued to grow and flourish.

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This lack of familiarity with the Hebrew Scriptures gave impetus for Greek speaking Jews, to translate the Hebrew scriptures.

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