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The debate against Net Neutrality and for Net Neutrality will continue as time passes, but we just might not have enough time to actually do something about it.

I have an #IMPORTANT task for everyone reading this post!

Couchpotato and Sickbeard users will need an indexer that offers an API key, which mostly require registration and sometimes a paid account.

NZB indexes are used to find files or parts of files on the Usenet and subsequently download them using a newsreader app.

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To download the files listed on them, you’ll also need to subscribe to a Usenet provider.

However, the new FCC chairman plans to revert these changes as soon as he can.

NZB search engines, also known as NZB indexes or indexers, primarily come in three varieties: public (no registration), open (registration required), and invite-only (private).

Each index varies in its completeness, ease of use, range of filters, speed, and number of searches allowed per day for free users.

However, the debate against Net Neutrality would lead exactly to that stage where strangers will be able to monitor our data.

Internet speeds will be throttled, websites will be limited or blocked, and the costs of accessing content will soar beyond imagination.

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Read up on how to set up a provider, indexer, and newsreader app in our tutorial, and check out our reviews of the best Usenet providers. They are either invite-only, or providers offer their own indexes to subscribers.

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