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BIAS Amp software features the ability to Amp Match®, analyzing a source guitar tone and applying the necessary corrective processing to make a custom amp more closely match the original.

Even if you don’t plan on matching amps yourself, you can still take advantage of the Tone Match feature by downloading custom amps other guitarists have matched from the Tone Cloud®.

The most versatile amp on the planet just got more versatile!

The most iconic guitar amplifiers of all time were not created in a vacuum.

Imagine having access to the tools that real boutique amp designers use - from building blocks like preamps, power amps, tubes and transformers to component-level options like tube bias and pre and post filtering - without needing to know what they do or how to use them! With BIAS Amp software, you don’t have to settle for what someone else considers the “ideal Plexi” or the “best tweed” amplifier to be - for the first time ever, you can have a custom amp designed specifically for the way YOU play.

Decide whether you want to use your fingertips or a mouse to interact with your BIAS Head.

BIAS software opens up a new world of possibilities for vintage fans and tone trailblazers alike, allowing guitarists everywhere access to a massive library of authentic tube tones that both sound AND feel great.

At Positive Grid, we understand that collaboration can be the key to killer guitar sounds.

Even better, it gives you the power to create an entirely new amp that is unique to you and the way YOU play.

Connect via built-in Bluetooth or USB, and open up a world of component options previously only available with a soldering iron: choose between different preamp and power amp circuits, change the tubes and transformers, add clipping diodes and try out different rectifiers - all completely authentic and all in real time.

BIAS Head sounds and feels like your favorite classic and boutique tube amplifiers, but offers entirely new flexibility.

The advanced component emulation engine captures the warmth, girth and feel of real tube amps, authentically recreating the complex circuit behaviors that make them do what they do. Change the circuit topology and push the virtual power tubes harder. Flip the power amp presence switch to Modern and hear the top end open up.

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It’s like having a boutique amplifier workshop at your fingertips.

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