Andorra dating com

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Andorra dating com

Article 19 Workers and employers have the right to defend their own economic and social interests.

A Law shall regulate the conditions to exercise this right in order to guarantee the functioning of the services essential to the community. All persons have the right to education, which shall be oriented towards the dignity and full development of the human personality, thus strengthening the respect for freedom and the fundamental rights. Freedom of teaching and of establishing teaching centres shall be recognised. Parents have the right to decide the type of education for their children.

Most hotels during the ski season should have details. It is up on the hill to the West and South of the main modern part of the town.

PREAMBLE The Andorran People, with full liberty and independence, and in the exercise of their own sovereignty, Conscious of the need to conform the institutional structure of Andorra to the new circumstances brought about by the evolution of the geographical, historical and socio-cultural environment in which it is situated, as well as of the need to regulate the relations which the institutions dating back to the Pareatges. The Constitution proclaims that the action of the Andorran State is inspired by the principles of respect and promotion of liberty, equality, justice, tolerance, defence of human rights and dignity of the person. Sovereignty is vested in the Andorran People, who exercise it through the different means of participation and by way of the institutions established in this Constitution. The political system of Andorra is a parliamentary Coprincipat . Andorra is composed of the Parròquies of Canillo, Encamp, Ordino, La Massana, Andorra la Vella, Sant Julià de Lòria and Escaldes-Engordany. Article 12 Freedoms of expression, of communication and of information are guaranteed.

Some of the larger shops seem to stock a lot of brand label clothing. There are reasonably priced restaurants, although many of them tend to be Italian restaurants serving pizza and pasta. El Vesuvio in nearby La Massana serves Italian and Moroccan food until .

Don't miss out on the Via Moda Group, especially during sales. Drink and spirits especially are very good value in the supermarkets. Andorra la Vella is not a bad location if you want to go skiing because you can get either the local bus or the "Snow" bus up to most of the ski resorts.

The exercise of the right of assembly requires that the authorities be notified in advance, and shall not prevent the free movement of goods and people.You should be able to walk around most of Andorra la Vella. There is the newer section at the north end of the town that is very commercial with lots of shops.The other half is the older half, down across the river and to the south and west.Article 17 The right to associate for a lawful purpose shall be recognised.A law shall establish a Registry of the associations which may be constituted.

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The present Constitution, which is the highest rule of the legal system, binds all the public institutions as well as the individuals. The Constitution recognizes the principles of equality, hierarchy, publicity of the judicial rules, non-retroactivity of the rules restricting individual rights or those that are unfavourable in their effect or sanction, juridical security, accountability of public institutions and prohibition of any kind of arbitrariness. The universally recognized principles of international public law are incorporated into the legal system of Andorra. The treaties and international agreements take effect in the legal system from the moment of their publication in the Butlletí Oficial del Principat d'Andorra and cannot be amended or repealed by law. General principles Article 4 The Constitution recognises human dignity to be inalienable and therefore guarantees the inviolable and imprescriptible rights of the individual, which constitute the foundation of political order, social peace and justice. No one may be discriminated against on grounds of birth, race, sex, origin, religion, opinions or any other personal or social condition. Public authorities shall create the conditions such that the equality and the liberty of the individuals may be real and effective. The Constitution recognises the right to life and fully protects it in its different phases. All persons have the right to physical and moral integrity. Article 9 1 All persons have the right to liberty and security and shall only be deprived of them on such grounds and in accordance with such procedures as are established in the Constitution and the laws. Executive detention shall take no longer than the time needed to carry out the enquiries in relation to the clarification of the case, and in all cases the detained shall be brought before the judge within 48 hours. The law shall establish a procedure so that the detained may request the court to decide about the lawfulness of the detention.